Monday, 11 April 2016

Miles at two and a half

Miles you have reached the grand old age of 30 months! You weigh 16kg and your are just shy of a metre tall, which we are told quite regularly is very tall for your age!

You have mastered the art of using the toilet, for all of your business might I add. It took a while to convince you that it was okay to not wear a nappy for number 2's but we got there in the end and now you thoroughly enjoy flushing the toilet whilst joyfully saying "see ya tomorrow my poo!" (something we find far too amusing to discourage!)

Your speech is coming on well, although you are seeing a speech and language therapist for speech delay. You have a huge range of words, not all of them are understandable to everybody but you try really hard to pronounce them as you hear them and you have started to make sentences without prompting which is so wonderful for us to hear. You love to recite animal sounds, and you point to different objects and tell us what they are. Family and friends names are becoming more and more clear, if we drive to someone's house and you recognise the route you shout their name until we get there, and every so often in your play you will list familiar names too. We see your S&L therapist again in a couple of months and we're fairly certain she will be impressed with your progress.

Food is a bit of a roller-coaster with you still Mr, one week you cant get enough in you and then the next you cant get far enough away from it. You will usually scoff down sausages, chicken, pasta, fish fingers or anything cheesy but you had gotten into such a good swing of eating meals like shepherds pie, casseroles, bolognese, moussaka but then all of a sudden you just decided that refuelling wasn't your thing so everything was off the menu, even pate on toast which was your one true breakfast love! I feel fairly certain at some point in the next few weeks you'll be back to eating properly, you seem to go round in circles with this but I'm just hoping its soon!

After several attempts at having you sleep in you cot with the sides taken off, we gave in and realised it just wasn't the way forward. You were so upset that something was missing from your cot that you refused to sleep in it without being cuddled, stroked or shushed and at 2 years old that just isn't something we were willing to entertain. A couple of weeks ago we bought you a single bed and good grief do we wish we'd done this straight away! You absolutely love your bed, and you have done since I built it for you (yes thats right, don't let daddy fool you it's mummy that does all the DIY and flatpack building in our house!) we had a few nights of you waking up regularly and being a bit confused but you are now very much into the swing of sleeping all night in your big boy bed, which is such a relief to us as you'd been spending a lot of nights hogging the duvet in our bed leading up to us buying you your own.

We've been having a big old dose of the terrible two's of late, you are very strong minded and that coupled with a struggle to get your words out makes for a bit of a scene when you aren't allowed to do something you want. I don't think its anything out of the ordinary, we've seen your little pals do exactly the same so we're not worried about it, it's just not much fun carrying a sopping wet toddler round the woods kicking and screaming because he wants to jump in the stream but doesn't want to get wet!

Your little sister is a constant source of delight for you, and has been since she arrived. You love getting in her cot with her in the mornings to play, and regularly stop what your'e doing to come and give her hair a ruffle or plant a sweet kiss on her head. You talk to her in such a lovely little voice, that is specially reserved for her and I wish I could explain to you just how brilliant you are as a big brother. We had such worries about how you would react to having a sibling and we needn't have worried at all, you are so caring and protective of Nora and you love to show her off to anybody who's willing to look!

You are such a kind and loving little thing and inbetween the wobbly lipped two year old meltdowns you are a pretty well behaved kid, you have such a deep hearty chuckle when you're amused by something and get so much joy from being outdoors. You wait for a hand to hold before walking out of the front door, and you wave and say goodbye to anyone that you have met, and those you know are generously lavished with hugs and kisses and a call of "see you later, love you, see you soon" As I write this you are at nursery and you treated me to a big slobbery kiss, a pat on the shoulder and that same parting verse before running to your friends and shouting "hiya" excitedly. So until your next update my lovely, sweet boy... See you later, love you, see you soon x

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Eleanor at six months

Eleanor Nancy, you are half a year old! I cannot believe that we have known you for a whole six months already but I feel like you've always been here simultaneously. I've said this in nearly every update I wrote for your brother but it is so true, theres no logical way to explain how it seems like you've been here longer but also shorter than six months!

You're a totally chilled out little lady, you play very contentedly on your play mat, reaching and grabbing at things within reach and rolling and squirming for those just too far away. You can roll from front to back and back to front and have managed a few continuous rolls but ultimately you're pretty happy just going back and forth! You can hold yourself up on your hands when you lay on your tummy and you have a good look around whilst doing so, your knees are desperately trying to get up under you so perhaps we might soon be needing to re- babyproof the house in anticipation of a crawler.

For the last two weeks you've been sleeping in a cot, inside your sleeping bag. You were a full-time swaddle lover up until then and definitely very ready to come out of the crib as your head was only a couple of inches from the top. Sleep isn't great at the moment, you seem to enjoy a bit of late night socialising, which is proving quite a tiring hobby for me! You usually wake once a night for a feed but over the last few nights its been more like two feeds and at least one wake up for cuddles and gurgles.

You're the proud owner of THREE little teeth, all on the bottom gum (strangely you have sprouted a tooth that usually arrives between 10-16 months!) you seemed to have a real struggle with the first two, but we weren't even aware you were growing another until the third popped up!

I finally got around to having you weighed last week and you're 18lb 5oz, you've stuck to the 90th percentile since you were born so you're growing is on track. You're mostly in 6-9month clothing now, with a few 3-6 month bits still fitting and a couple of 9-12 month leggings as you have wonderfully chubby thighs!

Food wise you have been getting on well after a rocky start with weaning. You were wholly unimpressed with the idea of eating food to begin with, you would purse your lips and gag like it was your job, but now you're on three meals a day and seem to be loving it. For breakfast you have a couple of fingers of toast, followed by baby porridge, lunch is usually two finger foods (you've tried cheese, cucumber, celery, carrot, bread, naan bread, noodles, pasta, tomato, banana, apple, nectarine, biscotti, banana wafers) with a fromage frais to finish off with and then another two finger foods for tea with some vegetable or fruit puree.

Your favourite thing in the whole wide world is Miles, you absolutely love to watch him, and he gets the best giggles from you! You love nothing better than a play with your brother, he gives you toys in your cot in the mornings and dances for you and your face just lights up with delight. Should you hear his voice your head shoots round to see where he is and on his nursery morning you're a totally different baby, it's as if you just don't know what to do with yourself without him by your side.

We couldn't be happier with how you are developing Nora and you're a total joy to have around and the perfect little jigsaw piece to slot into our family. You are so much fun at the moment and I know that it is only going to get more fun as you get more mobile. We are stopped so often by people to tell us how lovely you are and what a pretty little thing you are and its true, you are totally adorable! Part of me cannot wait to see what you look like in a few years time, but the rest of me longs to hold you at this stage, a stage where you fall asleep in my arms and make cute little snuffly snores as you dream, where an overdramatic fake sneeze can bring a huge grin to your face. A stage where the bald patch on the back of your head has almost covered over again but theres still that little line of smooth hairless skin above the nape of your neck, that just calls to me to tickle. This age is golden, and even with interrupted slumber I know I will look back and miss you like this, regardless of how much I love the next stage with you.

Wednesday, 30 March 2016

A general update

As Britney would say, oops I did it again!

"it" being I abandoned ship once more. I had Nora's 4 month update all ready, typed up and just awaiting a few photos but life got in the way. And to me that's okay, I would far prefer that those two little loves of mine take up my blogging time than it be the other way around, the pair of them are both at fun stages (mostly occasionally its a test of my patience stage too) Miles is coming on leaps and bounds with his speech, but more on that in a post sometime soon (ha ha ha, I hear you chortle at me planning posts!) Nora is rolling like its her job, she's eating three times a day too which seems to have encouraged Miles to join in with refueling too. It got to a point a few months back where I really did start to wonder what he was running on, finding something to feed him was becoming an increasingly difficult task so I'm very glad that with his sisters encouragement he's picking up his knife and fork again.

Ross and I have been on a bit of a house do-up the past few months, we've redecorated the rooms downstairs, updated some of the furniture and had a bit of a reshuffle with some old furniture too which has made the house feel a lot more homely and we both feel happier with how it looks (as long as you excuse our half done kitchen, which actually looks awful but alas if there's no time to blog, I'm sure you can forgive a few under painted cupboard doors and a half painted archway!)

We have big plans for the bottom of our garden this Spring, it has been a haven for weeds and the odd frog in the past three summers that we've been here, but following a spontaneous tree removal and relocation of the washing line we've decided to turn it into a little home corner for the kids and their pals to enjoy over the warmer months. I have fond memories of baking mud pies and plotting mischief in the old caravan in my grandparents garden as a youngster and wanted to recreate a bit of that good old fashioned fun for our technologically advanced miniatures.

I think I shall still hit 'publish' on Nora's 4 month update, although two months out of date it is still nice to have it here on our little cyber diary for her to perhaps read one day, or for me to look back on whilst crying into my gin, during the tumultuous teenage years! I will endeavor to post a six month update for her too, as being half a year old is such a fantastically fun time for a baby, filled with lots of new things.

I do also have a half written 2 and a half year update for Miles, which is actually very organised of me given that he doesn't officially reach that ripe old age for another 13 days! I'm sure you will join me in wondering whether or not that post will end up just another half finished draft, lets hope a long nap time awaits me one day soon with no laundry to fold or spills to mop up so that doesn't become the fate of another update!

I'll leave you with a few photos, if you'd like a peek.

 my two smilers, one spontaneous and one giving me his "best smile"

 I've gotten into sewing again recently and couldn't resist this cute little bonnet pattern, she has two of these already!

 A trip to the woods on Easter Monday with friends. Miles is stood on the bridge the we made last year on Easter Monday and below we are posing inside this years tee-pee build! I wonder what we'll fashion next year and whether these two makes will still be there then.

Sunday, 24 January 2016

On The Menu - 25th-31st Jan

Lamb kofte pittas
with tzatziki and salad
Sausage casserole
with mashed potato
Tomato, feta and pesto puff pastry 
with salad and sweet potato wedges
Beef and Ale Stew
with cheese and herb dumplings
with salad and garlic bread
Ross and I are going to our friends for dinner
Miles will have sausage casserole with pasta
Slow roast chicken
with gravy, stuffing, roasted new potatoes and broccoli